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Finograd –
Your broker for all securities.

Trade with us EU and US stocks as well as CFDs, Futures, Options, Forex, commodities and many more financial products on more than 100 security exchanges worldwide. The first 1000 registrations receive permanently favorable conditions.

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From 0,01 USD per stock
Futures & Options
From 2,00 EUR per contract
From 3,00 EUR
From 0.4 Pips

Don’t wan’t to spend money paying excess fees to banks and brokers?

How does Finograd help you?

With your depot, you can trade in all major markets around the world. Whether you want to trade EU or US stocks, CFDs, Forex, Futures or Options. You can trade everything on very favorable terms online.

Huge product choice
Trade stocks, CFDs, ETFs, futures, options, warrants & certificates. Currency trading with all important currency pairs is provided at your disposal.

All major stock exchanges
Perform cheap trades on more than 100 stock exchanges worldwide. Finally, the opportunity is given to you to invest in financial products traded on European, American, Asian and Australian markets.

Low brokerage fees
With us as a specialist, you can profit from cost savings as compared to traditional banks and other expensive brokers. Start trading US stocks from just 0.01 USD.

Free-of-charge Deposit
It doesn’t matter whether you trade regularly, little or not at all on the stock market. Your depot and the account management are provided at no cost.

High performance trading platform
With our trading platform for desktop and mobile devices, you can count on stability and reliability. Fast order execution, numerous tools and functions are available to you.

Special offers
In addition to our training programs, we offer exclusive benefits within the product range of stock market letters, stock market signals, taxes and much more.

Fair conditions
High security
Reliable trading platform
Personal customer service
The principle

In a few steps to your deposit account

We will soon launch our offer and we would like to invite you to secure one of our 1000 free places. With this unique opportunity, only the first 1000 sign-ups will benefit from discounted conditions permanently.

1. Free registration (Pre Sign-Up)
Register without any obligations. After your account has been successfully created, we’ll let you know as soon as possible after we have officially launched our website.

2. Opening your deposit
As soon as we launch, the process of setting up your account can begin. All you need to do is to provide us with a bit of information about yourself and your stock trading experience as well as a copy of your ID and a proof of address (not older than 6 months – after start).

3. Account activation & installation of the trading platform
After your deposit has been successfully opened, we will provide your login information. Upon request, you will receive a brief introduction to the trading platform from one of our service employees. Alternatively, you can watch our tutorials and take it from there.

4. Trade worldwide now.
After our short training program you are all set and ready to go to access the international trading market. Now you can trade securities from America, Europe, Asia and Australia on over 100 stock exchanges.
What are you waiting for?

Your advantages with Finograd

With Finograd you can say ‘goodbye’ to your overpriced broker. If you want to trade professionally on the stock market, you need a strong partner by your side.

Product selection
Trade stocks, CFDs, ETFs, futures, options, warrants and certificates from America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Customer service
We will not leave you alone. We provide technical support for your account management, depot usage and order management. In addition, we offer regular training on various trading topics.

Software & Tools
Our trading platform provides numerous trading tools that support you at any given stage in the trading process. In addition, we offer the right trading setup for every investor type.