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Prices for securities trading

Here you will find an overview of our prices and conditions. Thanks to the international market access and to our conditions, you can invest globally at cheap rates on all major stock exchanges worldwide.

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Price overview and services

The following table depicts our prices and conditions depending on the listed security and country.

  • Stocks
  • CFDs
  • Currencies/ Forex
  • Futures & Options
  • Warrants & Certificates
1GermanyXetra®0,14%6,00 EUR99,00 EUR
2GermanyFrankfurt0,14%6,00 EUR99,00 EUR
3GermanyStuttgart0,14%6,00 EUR
4GermanyTradegate0,14%6,00 EUR
5USAUp to 2.000 Stocks: USD 0,01 per Stock | From 2.001 Stocks: USD 0,005 per Stocks5,00 USD1,25%
6Austria0,14%6,00 EUR
7Switzerland0,15%15,00 CHF
8Great Britain0,10%10,00 GBP
9France0,14%6,00 EUR
10Italy0,14%6,00 EUR
wdt_IDCountryProductCommissionMin.More Information
1AustraliaCFDs on Shares0,14%10,00 AUD
2BelgiumCFDs on Shares0,14%6,00 EUR
3DenmarkCFDs on Shares0,14%99,00 DKK
4GermanyCFDs on Shares0,14%6,00 EUR
5FinlandCFDs on Shares0,14%6,00 EUR
6FranceCFDs on Shares0,14%6,00 EUR
7Great BritainCFDs on Shares0,14%6,00 GBP
8NetherlandsCFDs on Shares0,14%6,00 EUR
9SwedenCFDs on Shares0,14%99,00 SEK
10SwitzerlandCFDs on Shares0,14%8,00 CHF
1AUDAustralischer Dollar0,4 Pip * Handelsvolumen3,00 AUD
2GBPBritische Pfund0,4 Pip * Handelsvolumen4,00 GBP
3CADCanadischer Dollar0,4 Pip * Handelsvolumen4,00 CAD
4CNHChinesische Yuan0,4 Pip * Handelsvolumen25,00 CNH
5DKKDänische Krone0,4 Pip * Handelsvolumen25,00 DKK
6EUREuro0,4 Pip * Handelsvolumen4,00 EUR
7HUFForint0,4 Pip * Handelsvolumen900,00 HUF
8HKDHongkong Dollar0,4 Pip * Handelsvolumen30,00 HKD
9ILSIsraelischer Schekel0,4 Pip * Handelsvolumen15,00 ILS
10JPYJapanischer Yen0,4 Pip * Handelsvolumen300,00 JPY
wdt_IDCountryOption (each contract)Futures (each contract)Future-Optionen (each contract)
1Germany2,00 EUR2,00 EUR2,00 EUR
2USA3,50 USD4,00 USD4,00 USD
3Austria2,00 EUR2,00 EUR2,00 EUR
4Switzerland4,00 CHF4,00 CHF4,00 CHF
5United Kingdom3,50 GBP3,50 GBP3,50 GBP
6France2,00 EUR2,00 EUR2,00 EUR
7Italy2,00 EUR2,00 EUR2,00 EUR
8Belgium2,00 EUR2,00 EUR2,00 EUR
9Netherlands2,00 EUR2,00 EUR2,00 EUR
10Norway20,00 NOK20,00 NOK20,00 NOK
1GermanyEUR0,20%8,00 EUR
2BelgiumEUR0,20%8,00 EUR
3FranceEUR0,20%8,00 EUR
4NetherlandsEUR0,20%8,00 EUR
5AustraliaAUD0,20%10,00 AUD
6Hong KongHKD0,20%25,00 HKD
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ETF- & Fund Investors
✔ Trade ETFs on more than 30 exchanges
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Futures & OptionsTrader
✔ Futures from 2.00 EUR per contact (4 USD in USA)
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✔ The most important exchanges in the world
✔ Special tools for DayTrading
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  • Options & Futures from 2,00 EUR
  • Currencies from 0.4 Pips
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