Advanced technology

A professional trading platform for every investor

The trading platform is your technical access to international stock markets and serves, at the same time, as a basis for your trading activities. The platform is highly recognized for stability, security and accuracy.

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Superior technology

Your gateway to international stock markets

Our trading platform not only allows you to trade internationally, but it also serves as a powerful trading tool, embedding lots of useful features and tools. The trading software may seem complex at first glance, but with time and patience, you will love to learn how to utilize the platform for your personal advantage.
Multiply awarded
Due to its advanced characteristics, the trading platform has received several awards from various trade and business magazines worldwide.
Numerous Trading Tools
For every type of trader there are numerous instruments available for optimal trading. More than 50 order types, over 70 technical indicators and various algorithms can be used as needed to achieve your strategic trading goals.
More functionality
Within the trading platform, you have access to fundamental data, balance sheet information, historical values, profiles, measures, order book information and many other options like receiving real-time news via RSS feed.

Easy Management
News & Research
Real-Time Reporting
Modules & Tools
Price & Risk Analysis
Fundamentals & Balance Sheet Information
Special tools for any strategy

Trading software for every investor type

The Trader Workstation is the central trading platform of Finograd. The trading software has been awarded by several international magazines as one of the best trading platforms worldwide. The software’s advanced characteristics are reliability, safety, technical stability and speed.

✔ Trade directly from the chart
✔ Indicators, pivots and trendlines can be drawn directly in the chart
✔ over 20 indicators for technical analysts / investors

✔ Fast order task
✔ A popular tool for DayTraders
✔ Comprehensive insight into the order book

✔ Simple presentation of currency pairs
✔ Recommended for ForexTrader
✔ Direct trading with just one click

✔ Simple execution of combined orders
✔ Display of risk figures (DELTA, OMEGA, THETA etc.)
✔ One-Click Trading (possible)

✔ Suitable for large order transactions (order sequence management)
✔ Automatic trading algorithm
✔ Tool protects against sharply rising / falling courses

✔ Execution of combination strategies
✔ Predefined strategies: Spread, Straddle, Strangle, Butterfly
✔ Ideal for trading options

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Your advantages with Finograd

With Finograd you can say ‘goodbye’ to your overpriced broker. If you want to trade professionally on the stock market, you need a strong partner by your side.

Product selection
Trade stocks, CFDs, ETFs, futures, options, warrants and certificates from America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Customer service
We will not leave you alone. We provide technical support for your account management, depot usage and order management. In addition, we offer regular training on various trading topics.

Software & Tools
Our trading platform provides numerous trading tools that support you at any given stage in the trading process. In addition, we offer the right trading setup for every investor type.